What is “Dilma” currency?

Fictitiously nicknamed “Dilma”, the virtual currency earned and/or purchased is credited in your client account and BatalhaFUNK provides you with a license to use this virtual currency.

“Dilma” currency gives the user exclusive access for enjoying differentiated experiences inside BatalhaFUNK.

Therefore, you have no ownership or other property interest in the virtual currency, and all the rights on the virtual currency must always be property of and granted in the benefit of BatalhaFUNK.


How do I ear “Dilma” currency?

“Dilma” currency is earned through user interaction with BatalhaFUNK content.

Action at BatalhaFUNK Amount of “Dilma” earned
Downloading the app $5
Logging in the app $5
Voting on battles $5
Inviting friends for BatalhaFUNK $20
Rating the app $20
Tagging a friend in an ad $10
Winning a battle $150


Nevertheless, additional “Dilma” currency can be purchased, with actual money, for better user experience, through the shop inside BatalhaFUNK.

BatalhaFUNK reserves the right to alter, substitute or terminate the assignment of “Dilma” currency to users, as well as alter the symbolic values involved at the discretion of version update, aiming at improving user experience inside the app.


What can I buy with “Dilma” currency?

You can only redeem virtual currency for purchasing goods in the Service. When you redeem any virtual currency, the amount available in your virtual currency account is reduced by the amount redeemed.



Action at BatalhaFUNK Amount of “Dilma” redeemed
Unlocking premium beat $300
Challenging user ranked 3x above $1000
Challenging user ranked 5x above $1500


Virtual currency cannot be traded for actual money under any circumstances. Your client account and eventual balance not used in this account cannot be transferred for third-parties or sold. Therefore, you cannot negotiate, give away, sell or try to sell virtual currency or other product items for actual money, or trade such items or currency for value of any kind outside the Service. Any gifts, sales, transfers or assignments are forbidden and ineffective and will subject your virtual currency account to termination.


What are user Rankings?

The Ranking provides improvement in the quality of battles and different rates among users, turning BatalhaFUNK into a fun and competitive app.

BatalhaFUNK Ranking
Level 1 – Novinho Novinha
Level 2 – Parça Parça
Level 3 – Tigrão Tigrona
Level 4 – Bolado Bolada
Level 5 – Profissa Profissa
Level 6 – Terror Terror
Level 7 – Zika Zika
Level 8 – Patrão Poderosa


BatalhaFUNK reserves the right to include new Levels at any time for improving user experience.


How do I level up?

According the level of quality and interaction of the user, by interacting in BatalhaFUNK and earning “Dilma”, and by being voted on and winning battles, the user evolves in the ranking, reaching levels where he/she can only be challenged by users who are ranked above him/her, that is, a new user cannot challenge an experienced one.

Trade your “Dilma” to level up and differentiate yourself!


What is the criterion for winning battles?

When challenging someone or being challenged, after the battle has been accepted by the use, the battle is open to voting in BatalhaFUNK for (3) three days, that way all users can choose, through voting, the best rhyme between the two. The most voted rhyme is the winner.


What is a private profile?

Private profiles allow the user to full access to view BatalhaFUNK content, listen to and vote in songs and battles, but it doesn’t allow him/her to battle and to be challenged by users who are not his/her followers yet.

You can change this option at any time for starting your battles and being challenged by everyone.


How do I challenge someone for a battle?

Browsing the app that are many screens that allow the user to select BatalhaFUNK logo, which will redirect him/her to record a battle. The battle recording screen can also be accessed on the side menu, by selecting the button “record your funk”.

After picking the desired beat and recording your rhyme, a full list with all the users you are allowed to challenge. You can search for a user and select him for the battle.

You can also visit another user’s profile and hit the button “Battle”, then record you rhyme for challenging him/her.


How can I unlock premium beats?

Besides the free beats, the user can use other new beats for better experience in BatalhaFUNK and for recording his/her rhymes for a battle.

For doing so, the user must redeem his/her “Dilma” when picking the desired premium beat, or in the “Dilma purchase / shopping” menu.


How do I get better quality in voice recording?

For better quality in voice recording, we recommend you use earphones with microphone, due to external noise that may harm voice capture.

Even so, quality may vary according to the type of device used by you, as well as your mic, earphones and your software version (Android/iOS), which are not responsibility of BatalhaFUNK.


Can I login with my username in different devices?

Yes. BatalhaFUNK is supported in many kinds of devices and software (Android/iOS), providing the user with choice options for best use and convenience.


Can I block a user from contacting me?

You can block any user who sends you messages or silence conversations by using the option “block” or “silence”, found on the upper right menu, inside your chat.


Can I block a user from challenging me?

You can activate the option “private profile” in your profile screen in BatalhaFUNK to restrict challenges from users who aren’t you followers.

Even so, every battle challenge can be turned down at your discretion.


How can I report an explicit content or an offensive user?

If you believe that a user is disrespecting BatalhaFUNK’s Terms of Service, insulting other users, promoting bullying / threats, and/or having other kind of offensive behavior, you can report them to us.

If this happens in the Chat, Music ou Battle you can hit the “Report” button to facilitate reporting the abuse.

In other cases, you can contact us through the site www.batalhafunk.com, or e-mail us with the subject “Report” at info@batalhafunk.com. After analyzing the information, we will take the appropriate measures.


In case of account termination, do I lose my song history, drafts, “Dilma” and/or advanced level?

Yes. BatalhaFUNK will not keep specific data from an account that has been permanently removed, as the history, “Dilma” currency and level achieved can be lost when the user terminates his/her account.

We emphasize that, by removing the app from your device, without terminating your account, your data won’t be lost.



For further doubts, please contact us through the site www.batalhafunk.com, or e-mail us at info@batalhafunk.com.